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Evenimente - eLearning - Romania

  • iunie, 1-3: Innovation in Education for Electrical and Information Engineering - Craiova
    - "The objective of the Conference is to bring together lectures, researchers and practitioners working on the field of Electrical and Information all over Europe, in order to exchange information and bring new contribution to the field of EIE education."
  • iunie, 1-3: RoEduNet International Conference - Sibiu
    - "The purpose of this conference is to bring together the academics and the companies in a discussion on computer networking, in its technical, social and strategic aspects, with a special focus on directions and applications in education and research."
  • iulie, 6-9: International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing - Timișoara
    - "In the exciting and rapidly moving world of parallel and distributed computing, advances in these multi-faceted fields need to be evaluated early and disseminated quickly. ISPDC attempts to provide an interactive, professional, and friendly forum for these purposes."
  • septembrie: Linux și medii virtuale de instruire - Arad
    - "Seminarul este dedicat sistemului de operare Linux, utilizării sale în învățământ și mediilor de instruire pe platforme open-source."
  • septembrie, 6-9: NETTIES 2006 - Timișoara
    - "The NETTIES 2006 International Conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the discussion and exchange of information on research, development, and applications on all topics related to information and communication technologies, with specific reference to telematics, multimedia, telecommunications, distance education and their applications in the everyday life/society.
    The NETTIES 2006 International Conference aims to address some of the main issues concerning evolving educational technologies and processes of the new Europe digital age."
  • septembrie, 17-22: Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering (SCEE) - Sinaia
    - "The aim of this event series is to bring together scientists from universities and industry with the goal of intensive discussions about modelling and numerical simulation of electronic circuits and of electromagnetic fields."
  • septembrie, 21-22: RoCHI - București
    - "Conferința Națională de Interacțiune Om-Calculator este forumul anual de prezentare și dezbatere a rezultatelor și experienței în proiectarea, evaluarea și implementarea sistemelor interactive."

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Sunt disponibile statisticile de interes pe eLearning realizate de Institutul de Stiinte ale Educatiei si InsideMedia.

elearning. romania: un workshop online despre utilizarea noilor tehnologii in educatie, studii si cercetari, instruire asistata de calculator, elearning, software educational...

O listă a principalelor conferințe și seminarii susținute în România pe teme de eLearning și instruire asistată de calculator.



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